Coal? Fossil Fuels? Nuclear Power?
Let’s cast out the evil ghosts of climate change!

Start: 10:30 Saturday morning at the bus terminal, Bonn central train station End: World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB); Bonn-Gronau

The next international climate summit (COP23) will be held in Bonn, Germany, from November 6-17, 2017. The presidency is led by Fiji, South Pacific islands whose very existence is threatened by rising sea levels, changes in rainfall and storm surges.

North of Bonn are the Rhineland open pit coal mines, currently Europe’s largest source of CO2 and thus a contributor to rising sea levels.

Stop the flimflam!

Our demands for COP23:

  • more global climate justice

  • STOP destruction of livelihoods and displacement of people

  • a binding phase out of coal

  • No! to the nuclear power lobby as a climate savior

  • phase out fossil fuels by 2030

  • include air travel in the Paris climate agreement

  • preserve resources during production; sustainable consumption instead of weapon exports

  • right of residence for people displaced by climate change

STOP the evil ghosts of climate change: Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power!

The Federal Republic of Germany …

is a world champion in promoting the climate killer brown coal (lignite)

is one of the 10 countries worldwide with the highest CO2 emissions

heads the list of the six largest climate polluters in Europe


is one of seven countries that together are responsible for 63% of the Earth’s warming

promotes coal projects in other countries with loans, and gets a large percentage of the coal it needs from newly industrialized countries

The influence of the coal lobby and car industry has prevented meaningful implementation of CO2 reduction goals in Germany

Phasing out the coal and nuclear industries is essential for a clean introduction to truly renewable energy sources. To achieve the global warming limit of a 2°C (3.6°F) increase, the atomic industry sees new opportunities, and demands increased use of nuclear power.


What is the Paris climate agreement worth?

USA president Donald Trump has now canceled the Paris Climate Agreement and the rest of the world is appalled. All other treaty countries promise to keep to the Paris Agreement of 2015, which was signed by 196 countries.

Challenges of COP23 in Bonn


With its thus far voluntary commitments from individual countries, the agreement is not very ambitious and unless strengthened cannot lead to a reduction in global warming to under 2°C, but rather to an increase of 2.7 to 3°C (5.4°F). This means many more victims of violent typhoons, extreme rainfall with resulting floods, land subsidence and landslides, and extreme heatwaves.

At present, climate change is tacitly accepted, as global elites want to maintain their profits and standards of living. Profit-driven economics has created worldwide social division. One result is the historic numbers of refugees fleeing hunger, war, poverty and massive environmental destruction.

New Social Draft Program


Climate change is not only an environmental problem, but a result of the modes of production in industrial and newly industrialized countries. If climate protection is to go beyond fighting symptoms, we need proposals for solutions developed by communities that can overcome both social inequality and the destruction of nature, at the same time.

Energy-efficient technology, substitution by renewable energies and so on will not be enough to achieve reduction goals. Current production and consumption patterns must be put to the test. Our goal is a civil society based on solidarity and reduced materialism. This challenges not only capitalism and the need for economic growth, but the paradigm of our industrialised society as a whole.

What needs to happen?

  • 66% of oil, 50% of ’natural‘ gas and 80% of coal reserves must stay in the ground.

  • Energy use for production and transport must be drastically reduced

  • Car and plane travel, as well as meat production, must be drastically reduced.

Our message to the climate summit: „If we …

want to fight climate change, then free trade agreements can’t be concluded at the same time.

want to close the fossil fuel industries, there must be strong support for those whose jobs are lost.

destroy the means of livelihood in countries of the global South by Western trade and economic policies, then the people there, if they must flee, have the right to be welcomed by us.

Come to Bonn on Saturday, November 11, 2017, to the seat of the climate summit and cast out the evil ghosts of climate change through inspired actions, showing what we don’t want — and changes we want and need.
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